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This website was primarily designed to provide assistance to developers with JSON code debugging or troubleshooting. Due to the fact that JSON data is often output without line breaks to save space, it can sometimes be nearly impossible for developers truly to understand and read the data.

Its purpose was to minify, unminify, and format JSON data in order to improve readability and solve the problem. This is so that it can be easily read and debugged by developers by minifying, unminifying and formatting it.

Upon the recommendation of Douglas Crockford of json.org in RFC 4627, a revised form of advanced JSON validation was added to the set of error-detection features. This further enhanced the debugging capabilities of the tool.

The tool has since been updated to allow validation of multiple JSON standards, including both the current specification of RFC 8259 as well as ECMA-404.

There have been a number of additions to the service, including the ability to correct common errors in JSON.

Jsonminify.com is capable of replacing incorrect quotes, removing missing quotes, correcting numeric keys, lowering the case of literals, escaping unescaped characters, and removing comments and trailing commas if enabled.

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